Oh, I Forgot...

Remember when we went to Kentucky a few weeks back? There's another distillery I didn't tell you about—one that will perhaps change the face of the micro-distillery department here at K&L this winter. I was so blown away by this operation that I just completely forgot to write about it (not really, I've been saving this in my back pocket even since we got back, waiting with anticipation for the mega-launch later this month).

We've been telling you about the new brandy revolution here at K&L for the past four years. We've been traveling back and forth to France since 2011, bringing great expressions of incredible Cognac and Armagnac along with us for our customers here in the states. Now it's almost time to introduce you to our newest American counterpart. These guys are located in Louisville, Kentucky, but they're not making Bourbon. They're making some of the most exciting new American spirits I've ever tasted.

Coming soon to K&L, exclusively in California. More later.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll