Kentucky 2015 – Day 3: Louisville Sights

Despite the fact that they've built this gigantic "Fourth Street Live" pedestrian zone downtown, with a Jim Beam experience (and even a rectifying still inside that spot where you can bottle your own whiskey), there's not one Louisville native hanging out in the area. It's the Times Square or the Fisherman's Wharf of the city—a place to spot tourists buying T-Shirts or living it up in what they believe to be a very Louisvillian manner. East of downtown, however, running parallel to the Ohio River is where things begin to interesting.

Moving north of Main Street towards an older neighborhood once known as Butchertown, the homes are incredibly diverse. It's an area that seems to be attracting a younger crowd, looking to rejuvenate a little Louisville magic from the historic setting, rather than buy that flashy new track home outside of town.

Trim the trees and tidy up the iron work a bit, and you could be walking through the West Village along the Hudson, or parts of Williamsburg, but with a slightly Victorian edge at times.

Old brick warehouse spaces are being remodeled and turned into modern businesses. It's the Meatpacking area of Manhattan (Butchertown, right), but with more of an Americana feel.

Cut over south of Main to Market Street and you'll find the Garage Bar, an outside/inside beer lounge, cocktail joint, and wood-fired oven pizza place built into an old filling station.

Grab a drink, grab a seat, and take in the warm Autumn evening.

Just like Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, they've got the Cadillac of pizza ovens—flown in from Naples and hand-assembled here in the kitchen.

This is what heaven looks and tastes like.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll