The Brandy Force Awakens

I got this fun little Star Wars-related tidbit from Copper & Kings distillery owner Joe Heron yesterday. For all you Han Solo fans heading out to the theater this week, check out the fun facts concerning brandy in the Star Wars saga. There are apparently twenty-nine different references to brandy if you include the books and literature (with only four mentions of whiskey). Here are some quotes from Han himself taken off the web:

"It's called 'bribe-on-the-run.' This stuff is good currency, especially to a junior officer who probably hasn’t seen a payment voucher in months."
―Han Solo[src] Chandrilan brandy was an expensive alcoholic beverage presumably from ChandrilaHan Solo kept a cache of it aboard the Millennium Falcon to bribe port officials: one bottle of it cost Solo two thousand credits.

 "I was thinking that if you're going to have to put up with enforced downtime, there are worse ways to do it than with a good brandy and your best girl."
Han Solo to his wife[src]


These are from the site for all things force-related! Han Solo loved his brandy, apparently. I know what I'm taking in my flask when I go next week!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll