Past the Hump

Yesterday was a big one. The Saturday before Christmas and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving are always the two busiest days of the year—each in their own way. Yesterday was just a mass of humanity from about 11 AM to 6 PM, a store full of happy shoppers looking to pick up supplies for next week. I'll take that experience any day of the week over the mad rush that is the pre-Turkey Day blitz. That Wednesday is always a four hour dash of complete chaos—lines out the door, everyone rushing to get in and out before the traffic really gets bad. But I had a really great time working in Redwood City yesterday. We had plenty of staff, the customers were friendly, people genuinely wanted help, and of course I made a few magic bottles appear for some people who seemed to genuinely need them (that's always the best part). We're at the point now where shipping orders cannot be placed for Xmas arrival, so that relieves some of the stress from the phone staff. We should still see heavy foot traffic over the next few days as the last-minute shoppers continue to stock up before the break. I'm working straight through until the end, so I'll be in Redwood City today and probably in San Francisco tomorrow. There's not much to write about during this time of the year as pretty much everything is about survival.

Come by and say hello if you want to talk shop! I'll be here until closing time on the 24th.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll