Late Night Distillation

Have you even distilled Cognac with a bad-ass Frenchman into the early morning hours? I hadn't either until last night. We rolled into the town of Cognac around 9 PM and decided to meet up with our friend François Giboin whose L'Hermitage estate is just outside the city limits. He was hard at work, decked out in his standard trenchcoat with beret, per the norm. 

Giboin was pretty stoked to see his profile picture on our new site. I told him how well we had been doing with his 1996 Fin Bois expression, and he mentioned that I might want to hold on to a few bottles. "I'm holding back what's left for my own personal consumption. I transfered the last of it into a glass demijohn." Sure enough, there it was in the Giboin collection corner. Lucky enough there's a delicious 1997 vintage we can move on to!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll