The Sky is Opening

We've had some crazy weather out here in the Bay Area lately. Nothing like the East Coast in terms of extremity (because, let's face it: we're giant pussies compared to everyone else), but the colors in the sky have been incredible. One second it's raining, the next it's sunny and warm, and then all of a sudden we're getting warnings on TV about lightning. I took this photo on Friday from the roof over the K&L warehouse. No adjustments at all. That's actually what it looked like. I was spellbound.

Speaking of being spellbound, our new batch of Faultline Bourbon just showed up (as if you didn't have enough new stuff to buy already) and it good. The nice thing about doing blends from the same whiskies over and over again is that you get better at doing it each time. It's not a matter of finding the best casks, but rather getting better at making the recipe. John Little knocked this one out of the fucking park and into McCovey Cove. Get some.

More beautiful skies in the East Bay yesterday. K&L wine buyer Ryan Woodhouse and I hit the links in San Leandro to drink some beer (and play a little golf, I guess). We were roasting until the 7th hole fairway where the temperature dropped by about fifteen degrees, the wind picked up, and all of a sudden we were caught in the middle of a downpour. By the time we made it to the 10th hole, we were dry as a bone and it was once again warm and sunny. Crazy.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll