Bottle Service

While the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight wasn't as action-packed as we all might have hoped, last night I instituted my new rule about spirited bottle service to tremendously successful results. No more would I press upon my guests the entirety of the Driscoll bar and that take-a-sip-of-twenty-different-things nonsense. No, on this occasion we would remain focused on the repeated enjoyment of singular expressions, rather than overwhelm ourselves with the brain-numbing saturation of too many selections. Two brand new bottles of highly-drinkable spirits would be opened and we would consume multiple glasses of those spirits until the bottles were empty, or until our internal tanks ran dry. My next-door neighbors are from Puerto Rico and really enjoy drinking rum, so I broke out my last bottle of Havana Club Añejo in their honor. Everyone else (besides myself) was of Mexican heritage and asking for good mezcal, so we popped my brand new Bruxo #3 in addition. 

In between jabs and body blows, we sipped our shots. The bottles were passed across the room, nestled in between empty beer cans and forgotten glasses of Champagne. The tanginess of the wild Barril agave flavor was briefly discussed and appreciated. The mellowness and suave of the Cuban rum had everyone captivated. While my guests began saying their goodbyes around 10:30, my neighbor Alexis and I stayed up until long past midnight, revisiting old fights on HBO On Demand, and analyzing the rise of new Eastern European fighters like Gennady Golovkin and Ruslan Provodnikov, while pouring ourselves glass after glass of that delicious rum. Never once were we overly-intoxicated or past our tolerance. Like the boxers on the screen in front of us, we were pacing ourselves, round after round, with endurance and dedication. It was truly a great evening, and one that I'll remember for some time.

And rather than some hazy recollection of too much booze, I'll remember that we casually drank Bruxo and Havana Club until those bottles were empty; the front door open, letting the cool evening air blow in as we sipped. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll