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Which prestigious labels are walking down the K&L warehouse runway this week? Let see which bottles are strutting their stuff on the new arrival catwalk.

Michter's Limited Release US 1 Barrel Strength Rye $79.99The new batch of Michter’s Barrel Strength rye is here. 54.4%. Have at it!

Wild Turkey 101 rye is back! And in liter bottles! The long, long wait is over. We can finally buy more than one bottle every 87 days! Get some Old Potrero, too.

Wild Turkey 101 Rye 1L $39.99 – The original classic. In all its glory.

Old Potrero Single Malt Straight Rye Whiskey $69.99 - The new release of Anchor's highly sought-after straight rye. Bottled at slightly higher proof this year, but as usual this whiskey was aged for 3.5 years in new charred oak barrels. Very limited.

Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Sherry Barrel Single Malt Whisky $109.99 – Single barrel 15 year old sherry-matured Balvenie at 47.8%. GET SOME!

Two of our old time favorites are back in stock! Direct from our recent visit to France.

Chateau de Laballe K&L Exclusive VS Armagnac $34.99 - Armagnac has been distilled at Domaine de Laballe since Jean-Dominique Laudet returned from the Caribbean to his native Gascony and purchased the estate in Parleboscq. It was Noel Laudet, however, who modernized the operation in the 1970s when he left his position as director at famed Bordeaux producer Chateau Beycheville in St. Julien and returned home to expand his family's estate into wine production, as well as Armagnac. After Noel, however, production at Laballe stopped until the 8th generation came back to take the reins. Today, Cyril Laudet and his wife Julie have restarted operations at the Domaine and have recommitted to the tradition of their ancestors. The VS is going to be a fan favorite -- it has all the varietal flavor of the fruit, but enough richness to round out the palate and give the wooded spirits fans their dessert. It's spicy and dry on the finish, making it perfect for rocks drinks or cocktails.

Jacques Esteve K&L Exclusive Selection Coup de Coeur Cognac $89.99 - Jacques Esteve was one of the most exciting producers we visited from Cognac this January. His fruit is all estate and the brandies are distilled on site in a small room just next to his garage.  Pulling into the driveway, you wonder where the distillery is, but its all carefully integrated into his country property.  His barrels sit underneath his house and age gracefully amidst the cobwebs. Esteve's grapes and Cognac are in big demand right now with some of the large production houses and it's clear as to why.  The Cognacs bring richness and weight while retaining their finesse.  The Coup de Coeur is a blend of 1979 and 1981 vintages that begins with soft citrus on the nose before blossoming into a warming and supple palate.  Barrel spice and nutty flavors balance out the sweetness and the flavors are in perfect harmony on the finish.  If there's a better deal in Cognac for less than $100, we've yet to find one.  For those looking for more intense flavor and character, rather than the lighter more delicate style, this Cognac is for you.  Available only at K&L in the United States.

Mezcalero Release #11 Mezcal $69.99This is yet another fantastic offering and the eleventh in the series of sourced mezcal releases from Danzantes and Germain Robin. An enticing marriage of wild Madrecuishe and Bicuishe, co-fermented with Mexicano and Espadin agave. All sourced from Miahuatlan and distilled by Alberto Ortiz, this is full of bright baking spices and high-toned spice with a peppery finish that packs smoke, salt, and savory goodness. Superb as always.

I also decided to remove allocations on both the Green Spot and Yellow Spot Irish whiskies. Have at it!!!

Green Spot Single Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey $44.99 - The elusive Green Spot Whiskey is finally here. This legendary whiskey is partly responsible for the resurgence in popularity of pure pot still whiskey, the traditional Irish method of whiskey production. Green Spot began as the house brand for a Dublin wine merchant Mitchell & Sons. After consolidation of the Irish Whiskey market, Mitchell & Sons negotiated an agreement to be provided a small quantity of whiskey to support the brand. The current blend consists of 8-9 year old whiskey of which 25% is aged in sherry casks. Fewer than 1,000 cases are produced a year. What was once the most difficult to find Irish Whiskey in the world has no burst back onto the scene and along with Red Breast represents some of the best values available in any category of whiskey today. This old school style Irish contains no column distilled grain whiskey and is 100% pot-stilled. The result is a rich and robust texture with the renowned soft complexity of Irish Whiskey intact. This is all brought together with a multi-year finish in high quality sherry butts. This is whiskey you can give to ANYONE and be sure their mind will be blown.

Yellow Spot Single Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey $99.99 – Aged in a combination of Bourbon, Sherry, and Spanish Malaga casks for a fantastic flavor of dried fruits and marzipan.

That's a star-studded line up, for sure.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll