Steven Soderbergh Dinner in LA

We’re extremely lucky to welcome the massively prolific filmmaker Steven Soderbergh to Hollywood for a special night of stories, spirits, and Singani! Bolivia’s national drink became Mr. Soderbergh’s favorite spirit while filming the biopic, Che, in Bolivia back in 2008. Steven’s love for the special brandy didn’t dissipate when he returned stateside and he’s spent the last seven years on a quest to make sure he’d always had access to the stuff. After researching the intricacies of US alcohol regulation, Steven realized that the time, money, and energy needed to bring the product to the states for his personal use was totally out of control. It became clear that if he wanted to have access to his favorite drink, he’d have to get behind it in a BIG way and that’s exactly what he’s done. Steven’s brand, Singani 63, is now one of our best-selling white spirits and is quickly taking the cocktail scene by storm. The brand’s wild success is not surprising, it’s a magnificent product with the backing of one of Hollywood’s most creative and respected forces – but to be honest, it’s Steven’s genuine passion for the product that we fell in love with. He legitimately lights up when he’s talking Singani and his enthusiasm is infectious. So, come join us Tuesday June 23rdto get the full story of this special spirit. We’ll have a full sit-down meal and several Singani cocktails designed by world renowned bartender, owner of the Varnish (awarded Best American Cocktail Bar at TOTC in 2013), and genuinely amazing gentleman, Eric Alperin. Steven’s only in down for a couple of days for the Magic Mike XXL premiere so we’re EXTREMELY lucky to have him even for a short period of time. So, if you’re interested in Singani, film, or simply need something awesome to do on a Tuesday night, grab a ticket now. Only 40 spots available.

Singani Dinner w/ Steven Soderbergh & Eric Alperin @ Delphine, Tuesday June 23rd, 8 PM - $75

David Driscoll