Big Bordeaux Tasting Today

Ralph Sands prepping the bar in Redwood City

If you've been reading the "spirits" blog lately, you'll have noticed I've been talking more about wine—specifically Bordeaux. Working at one of the nation's premier Bordeaux retailers, with access to incredible selections, has really turned me into a fan of these amazing wines; to the point that I rarely drink red wine from anywhere else. There's so much complexity, so much diversity, and so many different options (at different pricepoints) that—even though we're talking about endless selections of Cabernet/Merlot—I never get tired of drinking Bordeaux. I could give you a list of amazing wines to try that might give you the Bordeaux bug as well, but then I realized: all my favorite wines are being poured today in the tasting bar!

For $20 you're getting one helluva show today. Three different vintages of Cantemerle (one of the best values in the industry) and the motherfucking 2011 Domaine de Chevalier Blanc—pretty much the best white wine in the world. Plus, the super value 2009 Tronquoy de St-Anne. With Ralph Sands in the bar at the Redwood City locale, you can talk to one of the most experienced veterans in this business while you taste. So, again, I could tell you about some of my favorite Bordeaux wines, or you could come over to the store mid-afternoon and try them all for yourself.

It's particularly a great tasting today. One that needed to be mentioned in detail. Come join us!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll