When my co-worker Armando Santos asked me what if I was working this past Saturday, ("Yeah, why?"), I didn't realize by answering in the affirmative how disappointed I was to instantly become.

"We're doing our annual beer and taco walk down Middlefield. I was hoping you could come," he told me.

"Beer and taco walk?"

"Yeah, we call it the Redwood City Beer and Taco Classic. We go down Middlefield from Woodside to 5th Avenue and we stop at every Mexican restaurant along the way for beer and tacos."

Oh man. I was crushed. That sounded like the best possible way in the world to spend a Saturday afternoon, but unfortunately I was needed on the K&L sales floor that day.

If you're unfamiliar with our Redwood City location (or Atheron/Redwood City in general) you have two very different neighborhoods sitting adjacent to one another, and we're sandwiched right in the middle. On one side of El Camino Real you have Atherton, with it's huge, secluded mansions and fortified fortresses, laid out along shaded roads without sidewalks. On the other side (directly behind our store) you have Redwood City's most authentic and old school Latino section, with a stretch down Middlefield that includes some of the best eating in the Bay Area. That's the side I'm usually on, grabbing a burrito on my lunch break. Armando and his friends planned on walking that mile-long strip, eating their way from one place to the next. I wanted to do this sooooo badly.

But, alas, I would have to live vicariously through Armando and his friends. If you want to check out more from the Redwood City Beer & Taco Classic, go to Instagram and use the hashtag #RWCBTC2015 to view the photos. While you're there, go ahead and add us to your feed. Like I mentioned before, we've got a new social media team running @klwines.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll