Weekend Stuff

The Hennessy special edition I told you about a few weeks ago (that we may or may not have helped create while visiting the company's headquarters a few years back) is now here. A single batch orchestrated by one of Hennessy's master blenders Yann Fillioux, this is a totally different version of Hennessy than what you're used to tasting. Not only is the style completely different, the bottle couldn't be less swanky. I was a fan of this when I tasted it in August, and I'm just as big of a fan today. This bottle is proof that even the industry's most gigantic of players cannot deny what's happening in select pockets of the spirits world. It's adapt or die. This is Hennessy's bold first step in reaching out to more serious Cognac drinkers who don't want a diabetic amount of sweeteners in their brandy. It's much more delicate, layered, and fruit forward than any of their other expressions. And it's in stock now!

Since I've been helping to cover David OG's ordering in the LA store this month (he's home taking care of little Oliver), I just brought in more allocations down south of things we'd run through in the north. There's more of the limited Lagavulin 8 year if you missed out on that, as well as a small serving of the Rhetoric 22 year old Bourbon

After taming the hoards of customers in San Francisco yesterday afternoon, I'm back in Redwood City today to work the sales floor. Come on by if you need booze before the rain comes!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll