Donato North, French Style

For those of you living in San Francisco who have never been able to make it to a whisky event at Donato, I have bad news for you: at this point, I'm no closer to finding a place in the city to host events than I was a year ago. However, for those of you interested in attending more wine dinners, I have great news: across the street and up one block from the Harrison St. location is a fabulous French bistro called Mathilde and we'll be working with them more in the future. I'm completely smitten with the place and after doing another Bordeaux dinner with them this past Friday night, I'm ready to commit to more events like this. If Mathilde had a liquor license, we'd be golden. Unfortunately, it's just beer and wine, so we'll have to make do. 

That being said, I'm continuing to expand my duties in the Bordeaux department and I've also been helping my friends Trey and Alex with Burgundy when needed. Alex and I were discussing some potential dinners in that realm as well, maybe a Beaujolais event in November to celebrate some of our newly-arrived direct imports. If you like wine as much as you like whiskey, I hope you'll come to some of these and hang out! We have so many new incredibly-priced French imports to show you! If you like only whisky, you're going to have to continue taking CalTrain to Donato. We'll be there again on November 8th to host Bruichladdich's newest distillery Adam Hannett. I'll be putting those tickets on sale next week. As soon as I get a date and a theme confirmed with Mathilde, I'll be putting those on sale as well.

Stay tuned. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll