Maker's 46 Cask #2

OK! Barrel #2 is now in the house from Maker's Mark and this is the cask where we kept all the sweetness in the recipe. As a contrast, I went with more French Oak in cask #1, which as many of you have already figured out adds cocoa, dark chocolate, but eliminates a lot of that sweetness. We wanted to find a way to use some French oak, but keep the sweet wheat intact for #2. Tasting it again this morning, it's nice to know the recipe worked out as planned. This one's brimming with cinnamon, cloves, and sweet vanilla (like a wheated whiskey should).

Barrel #2 used 8 Maker's 46 staves with 2 French oak staves to create a sweet and baking spice-laden Bourbon that accentuates everything we love about high-proof wheater and it coats the palate with a creamy texture. Barrel #1 is the drier, cocoa-packed, rich and robust creation, but Barrel #2 is classic wheated Kentucky Bourbon turned up to 11 on the volume. You'll have to control your impulses with this bottle; it's almost too delicious.

Maker's Mark 46 "K&L Exclusive - #2" Private Select Kentucky Bourbon $69.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll