K&L's Código Single Barrel Añejo

Since its launch into the California market about a year ago, Codigo has been our top-selling Tequila brand at K&L for good reason: its flavor-profile is in line with what today's drinker wants. The spirits are clean, well-made, high in quality, without additives, yet smooth and refined on the palate with richness and weight that speak to any Tequila fan, expert or novice. Codigo 1530 started as private recipe tequila that has been contracted by a family in Los Cabos for almost a decade, before finally becoming a commercial product in the U.S. Made at NOM 1500 by Tequileria las Juntas, the product was nameless for many years, existing solely as the house brand for family members and friends. Beacuse of our relationship and success with Codigo thus far, we worked together to do a private barrel edition of the anejo, available only at K&L. Of the five Tequila expressions available from Codigo, the anejo is the one that really showcases the quality of the brand in my opinion due to its year-long maturation in French oak ex-wine casks. As a result, it's full of that exotic oak spice that only French oak can exert, and the wine influence acts like a milder Sherry note, adding that little hint of chewiness that whisky fans tend to really enjoy. It's a high end anejo tequila, but it's one that absolutely delivers on all fronts. This single cask expression is rich and supple on the palate with agave notes of savory and citrus accented and lifted by the French oak flavors of sweet spice.

I reached out to Codigo about doing a single cask of anejo because I knew if I could find the right barrel and negotiate the right price, we could introduce our customers to the next great $100 Tequila. The Codigo is an updated and better version of Don Julio 1942, a bellwether Tequila that has for over a decade been the go-to gift bottle for those looking to present a loved one or friend with Mexico's finest distillate. This single cask of Codigo smashes that paradigm wide open, bringing all the smooth-textured, rich oak of a classic anejo, but with none of the sticky-sweet viscosity. It's loaded with decadent flavors, notes of chocolate, citrus peel, and exotic spice, but it's still clean and spicy on the finish. Simply put, it's a 100% pure expression of Tequila that tastes luxurious while maintaining its roots in classic production. I'm just sad we don't have more of it. It's going to be a huge hit.

Còdigo 1530 K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Anejo Tequila $99.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll