It's Heating Up...

Looks like my prediction is coming true thus far in 2017. Too much booze, too much competition, and too many people trying to outdo one another. I knew we'd be racing to the bottom of the spirits industry by holiday time and I've enjoyed all of the emails I've received from customers all over the country who have been sending me photos of insane deals they've spotted at various retailers around the nation. The closer we get to the end of the year, the crazier it's getting. David OG locked down Port Ellen and other rare Diageo whiskies this morning for half-price on closeout, and I just put together a nice little package for those who like their Bourbons big and bold.

Bulleit "Barrel Strength" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey $29.99 (PREVIOUSLY $55) - In what was once only available as a limited edition bottling from the Bulleit Experience at the defunct Stitzel-Weller distillery in Kentucky, Diageo is now bringing Bulleit Barrel Strength to the metropolitan market! Bottled at 62.7% cask strength, this is a punchier, more powerful expression of Bulleit than what we're used to. At over 120 proof, the whiskey really benefits from a few drops of water that help to coax out the softer vanilla and barrel oak flavors lying underneath all that heat. Drink with care!

I think the lowest retail price I've seen on Bulleit Barrel Strength was in the mid-forties, but then when I looked on the actual website they didn't have the bottles in stock. I've got a few cases right now for you finicky drinkers, but I'll have more next Tuesday after Christmas. You can secure your bottle now, however, regardless of whether we still have quantity and we'll fulfill your order next week when more supplies arrive.

This won't be the last deal like this we see before New Year's Eve, trust me. It's gonna get even more heated between now and then. However, this is a one time only price so grab what you need while supplies last!! 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll