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I'm a little groggy this morning and slow on my feet thanks to the bottle of Paranubes Oaxacan rum I almost finished last night, but otherwise I'm feeling great! Is it possible to drink that much 54% ABV agricole in one evening? Yes, it is. If you cheat, which is what I do. It's always the sugar that gets you, so every now and again if I'm drinking and eating in volume I'll hack my cocktails by using diet ginger ale. It sounds ridiculous and probably blasphemous to some, but it totally works. Get a rocks glass, fill it with big cubes, add your two ounces of rum (or tequila, or gin, or vodka), squeeze in half a lime, then top with diet ginger ale. High proof alcohol and lime juice, tons of flavor, very little sugar.

I can't promise you your stomach will feel great in the morning, or that you won't spend an hour on the toilet processing whatever they put in diet soda these days, but one thing you won't be is hung over. It's also easier on the old waistline.

OK, let's talk about news and notes:

- Some of you have been emailing over the last six months or so about no longer getting the spirits emails from me. This is what's happening: we switched the Whisk(e)y News over to the general K&L server, meaning they no longer come from me personally. As an account holder, you have limits as to how many emails you want to receive per month from us. Now that the whiskey emails are part of that general list that includes new arrivals, the newsletter, and whatever else you have specified under your profile settings, once you hit that max number you'll miss out on whatever comes after. Whereas before my emails would not be counted under that quota, now they are. So adjust your settings if you think you're missing out. I can also do it for you if you email me. I'd recommend adding yourself to the RSS feed of this blog as well.

- We've got a big spirits newsletter coming out this Monday, but you can get the jump on what's coming in the Scotch world right now. We've got an AMAZING new cask of 15 year old Bowmore as well as a 28 year old North British that is so full of richness it's insane (as is the price). I was trying to hold back on doing much promotion as I didn't want the barrels to sell out before Monday, but feel free to take a peek now. I think we can hang on until then even if I give away the feature a few days in advance. I'm expecting both to fly as they're prime grade A whisky specimen.

- More Denver & Liely whisky glasses just arrived and we're going to go ahead now with shipping orders. I think we can package these safely, so if you've missed the boat the last few times now's your chance. These things have been flying out faster than we can get them back in stock.

- In addition to the incredible new Paranubes that came in yesterday, we've got two new rums from Venezuela's Diplomatico that are worth your time: a drier expression called Mantuano and an aged blanco called Planas. I like them both more than the Reserva Exclusiva that we sell tons of because they're more focused on flavor than sweetness. The Planas clocks in at 47% as well with 50% of the blend a heavy pot still style. It's good stuff.

- The Mount Gay 50th Anniversary Cask Strength XO also came back into stock, for those of you looking for bold Bajan juice. As did the Appleton 25 year "Joy" edition (which is actually a marriage of 25 and 35 year old rums). We've been lacking some top shelf selections in the rum department as of late. These help to flesh out that selection and both are delicious.

- Your favorite value-priced Calvados is also back in stock! The Hubert K&L Exclusive returns at $29.99 for your mixology and sipping needs. Thank Charles Neal for that one. 

- We'll have a reload on Pellehaut vintage Armagnacs very soon. Stay tuned.

That's it for now! I'm going to go enjoy the sunshine, sans a hangover. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll