I woke up this morning and sat down at the computer, looking for a few good archive photos to throw on the K&L Instagram account. I decided to dig through the "Scotland 2011" folder on my external hard drive and that's when I found this: a shot of David OG and Bowmore's Jamie MacKenzie, standing in front of the distillery on a cold, misty Islay night, a glass of 1969 Bowmore in their hands, and the smell of the sea whipping through their nostrils.

I texted it to David right when I found it and he responded immediately with" "probably the greatest night of my career."

I have to concur. When we both talk about how much we love Bowmore, much of that emotion stems from this incredible evening back in the early Spring of 2011. At around 1 AM, after running through the entire distillery, raking barley in the mill and taking samples from the still as it ran, we went around behind the warehouse where the water comes into the bay and sat there taking pulls from a bottle of 12 year. 

It was incredible. If I ever owned my own distillery, I would spend every waking moment creating memories like this for whomever came to visit. They last a lifetime. (P.S.- I'm going to post never before seen photos from this night over at On the Trail later today).

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll