Trying Times

It’s been an absolutely outrageous few days in California. Woke up last week to what looked like a nuclear explosion just north of Los Angeles. The devastation is unimaginable and it’s incredible that more homes and lives were not lost considering the total annihilation we’re seeing throughout much of the affected areas.

Sadly, the Camp Fire continues to rage and it’s on track to be the deadliest wild fire in California history. We’ve entered a new reality here in California. Massive fires are becoming the norm and fire season seems to stretch on endlessly. It’s crucial that we use every possible resource to address the growing crisis. We cannot simply accept a future where massive wild fires are the norm.

I don’t know enough about the subject to speak intelligently on solutions, but we can still help those affect. Cash donations to charitable organizations are still the best way to help right now and we’re going to use this bully pulpit to facilitate those ends immediately. Expect to see a way to help here very soon.

David Othenin-Girard