Giving Thanks

A lot of people have had a rough few weeks but we’re here to help our customers find joy. Nothing is more pleasurable than sharing food and drink with the people you love. You may be dreading visiting your family, but I guarantee if you bring positivity and potables along, everyone is going to have a great time. 

What better way to celebrate the roots of our nation with what might actually be a pre-Colombian style spirit. While the predominant historical theory gives Europeans credit for bringing distillation technology to the Americas there’s evidence that pre-Columbian peoples had the technology to distill alcohol. 

If they did indeed possessed that knowledge than this spirit is probably the closest thing to what they would have been making. Tutsi is the traditional spirit of the Huichol people in the Sierra Norte of Northwestern Jailisco. They live a culturally distinct traditional lifestyle mostly separated from modern Mexican commerce and culture. 

Every year the exceptional La Venenosa brand manages to snag a tiny lot of this rare offering. Unusual in both it’s production and flavor, this stuff is unlike any other spirit on earth.  Only 3 bottles available. 

 La Venenosa “Etnica Tutsi” Agave Spirit 750ml - $250

David Othenin-Girard