25 Days of Malt - A Digital Whisky Advent Calendar - Day 1


Over the last month we’ve received an unprecedented number of single casks. I think everyone is just shocked at th breadth of this year’s offering, but each and everyone of these incredible whiskies deserves your attention. We’ve never had a more diverse impressive and affordable group of casks available. There’s no question that K&L is the best place to buy cask strength whisky, but how do you decide?

To help you out, we’re posting a new bottle here every day til Christmas to help you organize your holiday purchases. Our first offering is the gorgeous cask of Jura. This highly underappreciated malt has literally never tasted better to me than this cask. Second fill sherry, the oily rich malt and the awesome old barrel are a perfect match. It’s almost sad to think about what the distillery puts out regularly when you taste the potential in an offer like this.


Not that the distillery bottlings are terrible, but they certainly aren’t anything like this gorgeous whisky. I’m convinced that chillfilterting these oily malts is their first mistake. I’ve literally never tasted a better Jura, including some of the very old and rare offerings. A benchmark cask for this odd little distillery. 

Isle of Jura 12 Year “Old Particular” Refill Butt $65

David Othenin-Girard