New Year, New Beginnings.

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There is one last chance to do it up right in 2018.

Here at K&L, we take the celebration of New Year’s very seriously. It’s not just the fact that December 31st is K&L’s birthday (this year we celebrate 42 years!) or that it’s the best excuse of the year to open copious amounts of excellent Champagne (but who really needs an excuse for that…) It’s really that New Year’s is a glorious mix of revelry, reflection, and projection for good times to come. Even in tough years, New Year’s Eve brings hope and joy. A new vintage, new goals, perhaps a fresh take on old habits.

For my part, I’m determined to dig out as many delicious new casks and bottles from liquor producers all around the world that I can in 2019. And I know my partner, DOG, is up to the task too. We’re planning on a deluge of great drink in 2019. Fortunately we get to start off with a bang. Barrell, the United States premier independent bottler of bourbon, has come out with another boozy doozy to celebrate 2019.

Blended from 6 different states and ages ranging from 4 to 15 years, this is a tour de bourbon in a single glass. It’s got everything. There is robust sweetness, spice, and wood. The brown sugar and caramel is off the charts. The dried fruit and chocolate tones are harmoniously in tune. Nutty wood spice shouts “drink me!” It’s a tad floral, has a hint of herbaceousness, and is massively powerful at 56.05% ABV. It’s a glorious drink to raise to 2018’s send off and welcome in 2019 with open arms.

I hope you’ll join me in a toast to well crafted bourbon and great things to come.

Happy New Year everyone! May you be merry, prosperous, and healthy in 2019. Have a safe celebration and here’s to 2019!

Barrell Bourbon “New Year 2019” Limited Edition Small Batch Cask Strength Bourbon $89.99

Andrew Whiteley