Christmas Countdown Day 4 - Benrinnes


We’ve got so much whisky here we’re going to double up a bit. Here are two magical whiskies from the exceptional Benrinnes distillery. The gorgeous old school Diageo stalwart sits just behind the Glenfarclas distillery at the base of the hill of Benrinnes. Here we have the two modern eras of the distillery distillery 10 years apart. The Signatory using the very unusual multi-still distillation process and the Ol Particular from the new regime which began in the 2007. The whiskies now use traditional double distillation, where the 3 larger washstills feed the two small pot stills. Both version of the malt have the same character but the new spirit has a less tropicality and more forward malt. Both retain a unique orchard fruit which I consider the hallmark of this special please. Another top tier distillery we’re offering in multiple styles and ages. 

1997 Benrinnes 20 year old “Signatory” Hosghead $120

2007 Benrinnes 11 Year Old “Old Particular” Hogsheads $55


David Othenin-Girard