Deck the halls with PX Sherry


Here’s a bit of a curveball that’s turning out to be a total sleeper hit of the season. After years of begging and pleading with our dear friends on the Sound, Westland has finally relinquished and sold us this exceptional single cask of American Single Malt. It’s been several years since they’ve offered any sort of exclusive and the Fino cask we bottled was one of the weirdest and most interesting cask I’d ever tried from the award winning distillery.  

Hofmann is really firing on all cylinders, now with some added capital from our friends at Remy Cointreau, they’re really turning it up to eleven. This dynamic Pedro Ximinez sherry hogshead is equally superlative, but the pale two row and artisanal Belgian saison yeast do a great job of standing up to the over the top rich sweet sherry.

When PX casks first caught on, we all assumed that they would eventually be everywhere. But good PX casks aren’t particularly available even today and from what I can tell there’s a lot of people ruining perfectly good bourbon by using them. Westland, however, is producing one of the most exciting and inspiring new American whiskies available and this PX casks further proves the incredible complexity and depth that this special wine can impart on the right spirit. 

Westland Cask No 2479 PX Sherry Hoggie $110

David Othenin-Girard