You Can-Dhu It!


Another blender's secret, Tamdhu is a railway distillery in the Speyside that has quietly made killer malt for years. It has never quite gained notoriety on it's on as a single malt, but quietly been an important tool in the blender's warehouse. It's casks like this that really showcase why it's such an important whisky and make you question the lack of single malt bottles available on the market. A first fill hogshead (likely with a mix of sherry and bourbon staves) provides the best of both worlds. 

Salty like a fino sherry on the nose. Rich like an olorosso on the palate. The sherry staves of this first fill hogshead come through crystal clear. The rich and oily Tamdhu malt coats the palate and plays perfectly with all the added richness from the cask. Dark dried fruits fill your mouth and dance with golden malt. It's a powerful whiskey, a rich and complex cask, and a ludicrously good deal. The Tamdhu name doesn't have the flash or cache of some other big name distilleries, but it does provide exceptionally good malt at affordable prices. This cask absolutely crushes it and deserves a spot in our whisky advent calendar and in your stocking.

1998 Tamdhu 20 Year Old First Fill Hogshead Cask Strength Single Malt $89.99

Andrew Whiteley