On the 8th Day....

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A waxy and spicy malt, Glen Garioch is a workhorse in the Beam Suntory stable. While historically this has been a peated malt, there is just a faint trace of smoke left here, really more of an earthy salinity that provides weight and intrigue. The natural waxy character of Glen Garioch remains unchanged and is on full display even in this youthful whisky. The sprightly spirit features bright pepper, ginger, and cinnamon notes upfront, but they mellow into more melted butter, fresh cream, and a decadent vanilla middle. The finish is flavorful with a zip of lemon zest and pudding.  It turns out that at 8 years, this whisky as matured enough to hang with its older friends, but still shows a little bit of the fire of youth. A precocious adolescent indeed.

2010 Glen Garioch 8 Year Old “Old Particular” Single Malt Scotch $49.99

Andrew Whiteley