Aged Peat For The Everyman


Since well aged peated whisky typically come with an enormous pricetag, we were stunned when we were offered this gem with the ability to sell it at such a steal. Ardmore is something of an unusual breed these days. A highland peater that has held onto the old way. For those that have picked up the young Ardmore Legacy recently, you know what kind of value this distillery can offer. If you haven't, this is a great spot to dive in, although the experience will likely be unrepeatable in the future. It's rare to see marks this old from Ardmore - in fact, their current distillery lineup doesn't include any age statement whisky at all! 

For lovers of the mellowness many years in the warehouse brings to highly peated whisky, this is not to be missed.  The gentle woodsmoke like peat of Ardmore has melted into the background with the age of this cask. Golden fruit, golden grain, and golden color is the name of the game here. The beautiful fruity malt of Ardmore's long and clean fermentations rides high above the peat that has softened incredibly with age. At the time this cask was distilled Ardmore still coal fired their stills. This process, while extremely dangerous, does seem to yield a more rich and complex flavor due to hotspots on the still. Grab a piece of history for your holiday with this one.

1996 Ardmore 21 Year Old “Old Malt Cask” Peated Highland Scotch $89.99

Andrew Whiteley