Bananas Foster

This is pretty much how I want to live my life moving forward. I want a guy in a tuxedo to do everything for me table-side. Give him a bottle of Bacardi 151 and let him flambée the heck out of anything—bananas, cherries, you name it. I was back at the Golden Steer last night, putting down goblet-sized glasses of gin, while working my way through a bottle of fine claret. After dinner, it was time to break out the Blue Label. I drink old school when I eat old school. My stomach isn't quite sure how to handle steak and eggs for breakfast at the Peppermill, followed by prime rib and creamed spinach for dinner, but it can adapt. I'm gonna burn it all off today walking through Red Rock anyway. 

If you haven't inspected the new delivery options (for local CA residents only, I should have specified) on the website yet, you can now choose a local delivery window and time as part of your checkout process. Type in your zip code and the rates vary depending on how far away you are and how much you spend. The good news is that we now have same day delivery if you get your order in early enough. I saw that we even deliver to South San Jose and Los Gatos, which is pretty rad for those of you who don't feel like spending an hour in the car each way after work just to pick up your wine. 

I'm in Vegas until Sunday, then back to work next week. I'll be in the Hollywood store next Friday, if you want to come say hi, preparing for the onslaught of Blondies fanatics. We've got Jenny McCarthy herself holding down the tasting bar for an autograph meet-and-greet that night and we're expecting another MacLachlan-sized line out the door along Vine. Word on the street is that she might be joined by her handsome hubby. If that happens, I'm wearing my New Kids On The Block T-shirt.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll