Surprise, Surprise

The first thing everyone says when my wife and I tell them we bought a house in Vegas:

"Isn't it too hot to live there?"

My wife was lamenting recently that her winter clothes couldn't be put to proper use with us spending more and more time in the desert. We enjoy cold weather for the most part and we like wearing jackets; pretty much a year-round necessity in San Francisco. That misguided train of thought went bye-bye, however, once we landed on Wednesday afternoon. It's been about 40 degrees for most of the week thus far and when I saw the grey clouds climbing over the peaks in Red Rock Canyon this morning, I said to her: "It's going to snow."

She looked at me like I was bat-shit crazy. But then...

Las Vegas is never what you expect it to be. I just went to get the mail and came back home with flakes on my head.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll