Too Much Good Stuff


There is only one real problem with the enormous increase in whisky production over the last decade. There is too much good hooch to keep your eye on. Distilleries big and small, new and old have jumped into the whisky game or ramped up production methods over the last decade and some have produced incredible results. The whisky consumer has more choices than ever. These options run the gamut from classic staples to highly experimental whiskies that represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and creativity and everything in-between.

The danger here of course is that many a good dram can get lost in the shuffle. In a world where every moment someone is vying for your clicks and attention a great $60 whisky might not move the needle and the result is it falls by the wayside. But that is why K&L is here. When a good whisky goes missing we see if we can dig it up and deliver an incredible deal to our customers. The Wolfburn Aurora available at 50% off is just such a whisky.

This whisky falls into the crushable category. It from the most northerly mainland distillery in Scotland and makes a clean and bright Highland spirit. Their standard expression sees finishing in ex-Islay casks giving a subtle peatiness, but the Aurora instead finishes in Olorosso sherry. The results are a fruity and flavorful medium bodied whisky that incorporates spice cake, cocoa, chocolate and orange notes on the finish. It’s perfect for casual sipping or even mixing into your favorite Scotch cocktails. The prospect of ripping through a $60 bottle of whisky for a night of cocktails might seem a little much, but at $29.99, it’s a crazy value that should not be missed!

- Andrew Whiteley

Andrew Stevens