You Go Out On Your Back

The idea to start this blog came originally from my love of "smart" wrestling sites in the late nineties, those that gave readers an inside look at an industry they enjoyed previously only as outsiders. In my mind, this place has always been a wrestling blog disguised as a drinking chronicle, celebrating the same sense of kitsch that I've long enjoyed in the squared circle. One thing I've always loved about professional wrestling is that you leave on your back. No blaze of glory. No win for the road. No party to celebrate your achievements while people hold a drink, remember the past, and say nice things about you. The greats will always lose their last match, roll quietly out of the ring, make their way to the exit, and allow the next generation's star to celebrate victory in the spotlight. 

You get out of the way with class and dignity no matter what because that's what people will remember. It's a time honored tradition. A swift kick to the head. One, two, three. One era ends and another begins. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll