Thanks David

David Driscoll

Earlier this month, one of our longtime spirits buyers David Driscoll unexpectedly delivered news that he was getting out of the alcohol industry. Having been recruited to work at a new Silicon Valley health care startup focused on the battle to cure cancer, he was offered an opportunity to take his passion for writing outside of the drinks business and into a realm that affects so many people so deeply. Any reader who spent time on this blog is familiar with David’s work. Those of us here at K&L are grateful for the time, effort and talent that David put into the Spirits Journal and On The Trail, particularly the former which was his microphone to the larger spirits community. Collectors and industry folks tuned in to hear the latest on spirits, wrestling, fashion and more, in a way that was uniquely his own.

We didn’t place much emphasis on blogging prior to David taking the reins, and his contributions to the wine and spirits industry discussion will be greatly missed.

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