Long Awaited Returns


February is almost over and we have two extremely exciting deals that I don't expect to last until March!

The long awaited (like 60 years...) return of the 15 year Red Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey has finally arrived. If you purchased a bottle yesterday, good on you for being quick on the draw. You may want to get a second one if you don't have the willpower to keep your hands off of it before March 17th rolls around. We managed to snag a big drop before it went onto an extremely tight allocation, so this will be it for any appreciable quantity until the market catches up. The 15 year expression is triple matured in bourbon, sherry, and marsala casks. The added sweetness of the marsala balances out the darker and drier aspects of the sherry perfectly. The result is a spectacular amalgamation of dried and succulent fresh fruits, vanilla, custard, and a faint hint of sweet freshcut saw dust. It is decidedly my favorite of the Spot's lineup and actually arrived just in time for St. Patty's Day! We will push for as much quantity as we can get on this, but it's likely to dry up for a while after the first set of bottles is gone.

The other extremely limited bottling we've received today is a second shot at the Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch. If you weren't quick enough on the draw when we sent out an email a few weeks ago, this is your second chance! Historically this has only been available in 6 bottle allocations. The fact that I have time to tell anyone it is here is mind boggling to me. With Buffalo Trace's extremely consistent quality across all of their expressions, it's a gift to be able to actually have a chance to taste and sell these versus just letting people know they have to wait and watch the website for a shot at them.

That's it. Enjoy and Happy February!

Red Spot 15 Year Old Single Pot Irish Whiskey $119.99

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Bourbon $39.99

Andrew Whiteley