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An Interview with Ann Soh Woods of Kikori Whiskey

Over on our wine blog, On the Trail, we’ve been celebrating Women’s History Month by featuring some of the amazing female producers in the biz, and today we’re shining a spotlight on one from the Spirits side of the equation. Ann Soh Woods is the founder of Kikori, a unique rice whiskey from Japan that’s crisp and super easy to drink.

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Labor Disputes of Love

We’ve loaded up on some incredible products over the last couple of weeks, but these three barrels of Four Roses are easily the best bourbons in the store right now! I held off on marketing those products because of a politically sensitive situation at the distillery. Thankfully the distillery and their workers have come to a tentative deal to resolve the current impasse. I’m finally prepared to remind everyone how freakin' AWESOME these whiskies really are. Tons of people have already jumped on board, but these casks represent some really unique selections unlike any we've done before.

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